Open Call for Research on Public Sector Pay and Workforces 2018: Understanding the Gender Pay Gap within the UK Public Sector

Tue, 08 Oct 2019

Research commissioned by the Office of Manpower Economics, authored by Melanie Jones and Ezgi Kaya of the Cardiff Business School at Cardiff University, uses annual survey of hours and earnings (ASHE) data to compare the gender pay gap in the public and private sectors in the UK, looking at the size and possible causes of the gap with a focus on pay review body occupations. The research finds that, once personal characteristics are controlled for, the gender pay gap is larger in the public sector. It also finds a much higher pay gap at the top end of the earnings distribution.

Category: Employment »  Equal pay. Area(s) of law: Employment; Public Sector; Corporate and Commercial Law.
Source: Office of Manpower Economics


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